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CTE Works: The Facts!


CTE & Worker Retraining


CTE & U.S. Competiveness


CTE: Role in Energy and Environmental Sustainability


CTE: Role in Dropout Prevention and Recovery




11th ANNUAL HIGH SCHOOL SHOWCASE: The 11th Annual High School Showcase event will be held on Thursday, December 8, 2016, at the Volusia County Fairground/Tommy Lawrence Arena from 5:00pm to 7:00pm...read more

»BACHELOR'S DEGREE NOT REQUIRED FOR MANY STEM JOBS: A recent Brookings report shares that half of STEM jobs are for workers with less than a four-year degree...read more

»ACTE - CTE's ROLE IN AMERICAN COMPETIVENESS: This issue brief explores how CTE plays a vital role in developing a well-educated workforce and is accompanied by a companion piece, Business-Education Partnerships in CTE: Driving American Competitiveness

»NRCCTE: The National Research Center for Career and Technical Education is the primary agent for generating scientifically based knowledge, dissemination, professional development, and technical assistance to improve CTE in the United States....learn more


Project Based Learning

Develop integrated, project based learning lessons using this self-paced course adapted from resources created by the Buck Institute

for Education.

Connect with CTE colleages in a virtual PLC environment. Edmodo allows you to share resources and lessons and to collaborate online.

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